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Daniel Brents.

The Artist

Daniel BrentsDaniel Brents has lived and worked in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, as well as most regions of the United States. Following a career as an architect and urban planner, he studied at the Museum of Fine Arts/Houston’s Glassell School of Art for several years. He was recently selected by the faculty to be a member of Glassell’s Studio BLOCK, an advanced program of intensive instruction, limited to a small, select group of artists.

His award-winning work is included in corporate and private art collections, and is frequently chosen by prominent jurors for inclusion in exhibitions in Texas and elsewhere. A distinguished jury for the Hunting Art Prize chose one of his works as one of the 129 Finalists for the 2009 prize, out of more than 1,500 entries.

An active participant in the arts community, Daniel has served as president of a Houston-based organization of artists and as Exhibitions Chairman for the Visual Arts Alliance of Houston, where he produced and managed four juried visual art exhibitions annually.

Artist's Statement

In my early work. I explored mysteries found in commonplace settings and the tensions between permanence and change, while addressing technical issues of form, line, composition and color.

Recently, I find my work evolving around themes, such as social displacement, and windows as portals of perception.

As a child, I was aware of the large populations of displaced people, called "DP's", roaming through Europe during World War II and its aftermath. Today, the term is no longer in use in that sense, although we now have another wave of refugees desperately seeking safety and security as immigrants. As dire as their circumstances are, there are many others in our own contemporary society who are also adrift and displaced, whether through economic dislocation, personal catastrophes, substance abuse or untreated mental health problems.

Increasingly I am drawn to their situations and to their lonely existence that too often includes displacement. In some instances, I’ve been compelled to create a portrait of these individuals and in others, I choose to suggest their presence through artifacts and visual clues, as though their hold on existence (and our attention) is slowly dissolving.


2017-2019: Glassell School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Advanced Studio BLOCK limited enrollment program, admission by faculty evaluation.

2005-2008: Glassell School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Beginning through Advanced Painting; Instructors: Patrick Palmer, Brian Portman; Printmaking; Instructor: Suzanne Manns

1968-1969: School of Architecture, Washington University, St. Louis; Master of Architecture and Urban Design

1964: Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines; Beginning Painting; Instructor: Jules Kirschenbaum

1957-1962: College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station; Bachelor of Architecture; Art Instructors: Joseph Donelson, Alan Stacell

















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